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Play-a-Synth for the synth player

  • Play and tweak any MIDI enabled synthesizer
  • Test synthesizers before you buy
  • Compare synthesizers
  • Discover new sounds
  • Plugins available for your favorite DAW, or play directly in your web browser

Play-a-Synth handles connecting the synth owners to the players using WebRTC and other peer-to-peer techniques.

Check out Community forums for discussion about Play-a-Synth.

Join the Play-a-Synth Discord server if you want to chat about synthesizers or if you any have feedback on Play-a-Synth.

Play-a-Synth for the synthesizer owner

  • List your synthesizers in Play-a-Synth
  • Earn credits that you can use to play synthesizers
  • Play-a-Synth handles connecting your synthesizers to the players automatically.
  • Access your own synthesizers through a web browser
  • You can also use Play-a-Synth to route audio across Internet or LAN from your own synthesizers.

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